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Cultured marble showers and tub surrounds are an outstanding way to jazz-up any bathroom.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using cultured marble instead of tile:


Looks Great!


No grout to replace or clean!


Easy to keep clean!


Vanity tops, walls, shower floors and tubs can be the same color for a uniform appearance.

We specialize in installing custom size shower stalls. We come to your home
and measure your shower walls, shower base, trim and check to make sure
everything is set up correctly. Then we manufacture all the parts, come back to the house, and custom fit every piece. Great attention to detail is maintained for an awesome job every time. At West U. Marble, we take pride in our work and we work with a conscience. We truly think about how this shower will perform in the long run and refuse to take short-cuts. It's better to stop and have a problem resolved than to do a shoddy job that you would'nt know about for years.

Rest assured, we will do it right - the First time!

42x36_shower_1.JPG (13924 bytes)

42" x 36" Shower stall made with AggrAllure - Texas Sand, our Cultured Granite offering.
With a molded shower base to match, this is a beautiful combo sure to
win compliments and add value to your home. Very reasonable price!


custom_shower_2.JPG (13107 bytes)

Custom Size Showers to Fit virtually any size

shower seat.JPG (24310 bytes) HPIM0820.JPG (47020 bytes)

We can make a Corner Shower Seat and Custom Wall Caps

Soap And Shampoo Dishes

wpe20.jpg (1965 bytes)

Single Soap & Shampoo Dish

15"H x 8"W x 3"D


wpe21.jpg (3824 bytes)

Double Soap & Shampoo Dish

15"H x 14"W x 3"D


Soap and Shampoo Dishes are molded in one piece and a cut-out is made into your wall, then they are glued and inserted into the wall for a smooth appearance.

Corner Soap and Shampoo Caddy

wpe3F.jpg (5691 bytes)


This Caddy is perfect for the person who needs a few more places to put extra shampoo & conditioner.


It is also helpful if you can't install the Single or Double Soap dish because of a vent pipe or other obstruction inside the shower wall.


The Corner Caddy is installed to the shower walls using a mounting bracket and silicon.


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