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Tub Surrounds

Tub surrounds are an excellent and affordable alternative to tile. With no grout to clean, you can enjoy a surround that is easy to maintain and keep looking new for years to come.

wpe1B.jpg (6247 bytes)

Your Standard Tub with our marble tub walls.

(Notice how smooth and clean this looks! No grout lines to mess with!)

wpe1B.jpg (8702 bytes)

Custom Tub Trim with our 73"x42" marble tub

(Our Expert installers can handle any custom work.)

wpe5.jpg (7246 bytes)

Tub Surround with Small Soap and Shampoo Dish

(Grab bar optional - West U. Marble does not install grab bars.)

HPIM0475.JPG (38774 bytes)

HPIM0806.JPG (39572 bytes)

61" x 31" Marble Tub with skirt and Tub Surround Combination

tub_surround_3.JPG (16233 bytes)

We normally install 4" x 3/4" trim around walls for a
neat and finished appearance.



60x60_window.JPG (20676 bytes)



tub_trim_window.JPG (17912 bytes)

    60" x 60" Corner tub with a 13" high Tub Trim
and Window Sill

  HPIM0835.JPG (81283 bytes)

Our 60" x 42" Tub with Surround and Step
The window is trimmed out in marble as well.


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